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At the company’s yearly event, Zoomtopia 2022, Zoom unveiled new hardware and features for the video calling platform. According to the company, these new features will “power cutting-edge work reviews and celebrate the future of communication and cooperation.” According to the CEO of Zoom App, Eric S. Yuan, the company “developed and deployed more than 1,500 features and updates on the Zoom platform this year.”

Warner Bros. is among the several organizations that have also mentioned how Zoom’s solutions, such as Zoom Phone, Zoom Rooms, and Zoom Team Chat, have aided with an uninterrupted remote working experience. All of the organization’s fresh products unveiled during Zoomtopia are listed here.

Calendar and Mail Zoom (beta)

Zoom has launched new mail and calendar services to compete with Google and Microsoft. Thanks to the new Zoom Mail and Calendar clients, customers won’t have to leave the video calling platform to access their email or calendar. Customers of Zoom could even be able to combine well-known email and calendar services. Users will benefit from having easy access to important dates and files directly from the video calling platform.

The company has also launched Zoom-hosted email and calendar provider choices for companies that don’t have specialized IT services but are concerned about privacy and safety. The platform for video calling and this service provider may be simultaneously integrated. The business also ensures that emails sent instantly between customers who use the same provider via Zoom’s Mail Service are quit-to-quit encrypted. Customers and services for Zoom Mail and Calendar will first launch in beta and are anticipated to progress with new features in the following days.

Zoom Areas

A digital co-running space developed by the firm is called Zoom Spots. This chronic area will support video and be a part of the Zoom platform when it launches in early 2023. This service will help users facilitate inclusive conversations, keep coworkers engaged, and enhance communication within dispersed, hybrid teams.

Virtual Assistant Zoom

The company developed an AI and chatbot system to recognize and quickly address client issues. The chatbot processes and resolves customer complaints using natural language processing and device learning.

According to the company, the Zoom Virtual Agent uses a few different support channels to provide customers with quick, individualized service. Additionally, it boosts operational effectiveness for agencies and lowers name volumes to human dealers.

This gadget can be integrated with Zoom Contact Center when it debuts in early 2023. The Zoom Virtual Agent may also be available as a stand-alone chatbot response.’

Constant cooperation throughout Zoom One

Zoom One is an all-inclusive platform for communication and collaboration that includes Team Chat, Phone, Whiteboard, Meetings, and other tools for attaching workstreams. Customers can constantly switch between Team Chat and In-Meeting Chat to “eliminate silos, keep initiatives moving, and maintain vocal communication following meetings.”

IQ Virtual Coach by Zoom

The Zoom IQ for Sales service may receive this gadget. The Zoom IQ Virtual Coach will replicate a few sales circumstances to help sellers by providing a practice setting, getting feedback, and receiving real-time content suggestions during conversations with prospects.



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