Xbox and PlayStation fight over Call Of Duty

Microsoft, who owns Xbox, has refuted concerns that its acquisition of the Call of Duty developer will unjustly hurt its competitors, notably Sony, which owns PlayStation.

For $68.7 billion (£59.2 billion), Microsoft wants to purchase Activision Blizzard, which also produces Overwatch and Candy Crush.

According to the UK watchdog investigating the proposal, Microsoft might use Activision games to “out-compete” its competitors.

Microsoft stated that it was hopeful the transaction would be completed by June 2023.

Brazilian and Saudi competition regulators have previously approved the deal.

Last month, the Competition and Markets Authority announced that it would request an impartial panel to assess the scheme.

And the CMA warned that acquiring it may give Microsoft the power to monopolize popular games like Call of Duty by making them only available on Xbox consoles, PCs, and Game Pass, its subscription service for online gaming.

Xbox-only content

In a thorough statement of its decision to launch a lengthy investigation, the CMA notes that “Call of Duty is sufficiently vital that losing access to it (or losing it on competitive terms) may significantly hurt Sony’s revenues and user base.”

The article also said that “Microsoft used a similar strategy to acquire

gaming companies in the past, making Xbox its exclusive platform for

games developed by these studios.”

Microsoft claims it is committed to keeping Call of Duty and other current Activision games on the PlayStation.

However, future books could have a different treatment.

In addition to Fallout and Skyrim creator Bethesda, Microsoft already owns 23 game developers, including Mojang, the creator of Minecraft.

The next Starfield game from Bethesda will only be available on Xbox One and PC, and the CMA speculated that the studio’s Elder Scrolls VI would follow suit based on Microsoft’s recent pronouncements.

As per Microsoft:

  • Sony asserts that many 280 PlayStation-exclusive games released in 2021 were from tiny developers. 
  • Sony has also opted to exclude the Games Pass platform from the PlayStation.
  • Microsoft doesn’t have any mobile gaming material, and Candy Crush Saga, one of the most popular mobile games, is owned by Activision.
  • Without an excellent critical analysis, the CMA is siding with Sony and “over-estimating” Call of Duty’s ability to single-handedly upend the video gaming industry.

A unique view of damage, unsupported by precedent, economic literature, or the data,” Microsoft describes the CMA’s worries.

The acquisition, according to Sony, is “bad for competition, terrible for the gaming industry, and awful for gamers themselves,” the company stated in a statement.

Consequently, the Xbox ecosystem would become a dominant position in gaming thanks to Microsoft’s unique combination of tech and content, as well as Sony itself.

No New Call Of Duty In 2023

By not producing a new Call of Duty game in 2019, Activision is anticipated to end an almost two-decade streak. But more stuff is still on the way.

Although many gamers have become accustomed to a new COD being launched each year, Activision plans to take a different approach starting in 2023. According to a well-known leaker, there won’t be any new titles released in 2019, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any fresh material.

Instead of a big release next year, we could expect fresh “campaign material” for the current Modern Warfare 2 game, which will be available this month.

Although the exact format of the DLC isn’t yet known, leaker TheGhostofHope has so far suggested that it would resemble a 20th anniversary most excellent hits map pack with material from the whole series.

According to Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, “some expansion or anything like that” will appear the following year. However, he continued by saying that he was unsure exactly what it may entail in the opinion of the Call of Duty community; whatever extra material we receive won’t likely make up for the absence of a brand-new AAA game.

While gamers might be frustrated that there won’t be a significant new release in 2019, this is hardly the most crucial development in the Call of Duty industry. Despite the company’s assurances that it won’t stop selling games on PlayStation, Regulators are still concerned about Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard.



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