The parent firm of Google may fire 10,000 underperforming workers.

Google is one of the few corporations that has avoided giving its workers the exit slip at a time when Silicon Valley companies are in a fiery frenzy. However, this may soon change, according to a report that says the corporation has to reevaluate its decisions due to pressure to increase employee productivity.

The parent firm of Google may fire 10,000 underperforming workers.
The parent firm of Google may fire 10,000 underperforming workers.

The parent company of Google, Alphabet, is reportedly introducing a new performance management system that will allow team leaders and supervisors to fully comprehend underperforming employees, according to The Information today.. These underperforming employees—which may number up to 10,000—may then be let go by the business. According to the paper, this might appear as early as the following year.

The new scoring tool, which Google allegedly unveiled in May, may also help managers avoid giving stock gifts and incentives to staff who don’t seem impressive. The new approach also lowers the proportion of workers who get excellent ratings.

The Information quoted those familiar with the system saying that “under the new mechanism, managers had been told to label 6% of employees, or more or less 10,000 people, as poor achievers in terms of their influence on the business.” The file also notes that managers were required to classify 2% of their workforce as “low-appearing employees” under the prior performance overview system.

A mobile browser investigation is underway against Apple and Google.

The company said the company would use the UK’s rival regulator to look into Apple and Google’s dominance in mobile browsers and cloud gaming.

A “marketplace review” conducted by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) last year revealed they have a “stranglehold” on operating systems, app stores, and web browsers on mobile devices.

The CMA may enforce changes if the 18-month study finds a detrimental impact on opposition.

Both companies refute the allegations. Sarah Cardell, the CMA’s interim chief executive, said that the organization wanted to ensure that the UK: Customers received the top new cell information services.

Developers might invest money in innovative new applications.

Many UK businesses and web developers have told us that they feel constrained by limitations imposed by Apple and Google, she said.

The CMA in the UK claims:

Eight hundred thousand people play games in the cloud.

Ninety-seven percent of mobile internet browsing last year used browsers with Apple or Google software.

Google claimed its Android operating system offered a more comprehensive selection of applications and app stores than any other mobile platform. It allowed developers to choose the browser engine they needed and served as the platform for countless applications.

Apple Apple supports vibrant markets with healthy competition for fresh concepts.

It claimed that the App Store had assisted hundreds of thousands of developers in turning their ideas into applications, supporting hundreds of thousands of employees in the UK alone.

We will keep having constructive conversations with the Competition and Markets Authority to demonstrate how our strategy fosters choice and competition. even as ensuring clients’ privacy and security are consistently taken into account.



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