Elon Musk previews a “useful” humanoid robot, not Terminator

Investors, customers, and potential employees anticipate seeing a prototype at Tesla’s “AI Day” on Friday that might demonstrate whether the robot known as “Optimus” is prepared for work. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has stated that a robot business will be worth more than its automobiles.

In addition to talking about Tesla’s long-delayed self-driving technology, Musk is anticipated to be the headliner of the AI show, which will be the robot. According to Elon Musk, the most valuable automaker in the world would be “worth practically zero” without achieving full self-driving capability. In addition to technological difficulties, the corporation is under more and more governmental investigation.

There will be tonnes of technical information and fascinating hardware demonstrations, Musk said on Twitter late on Wednesday, adding that the event was intended to find engineers.

Tesla has had a mixed history with live demonstrations. Launches are usually met with applause, but in 2019, Musk had a worker throw a steel ball at a new electric pickup truck’s armored window, causing the glass to break.

The robot’s ability to respond to unforeseen circumstances will be tested.

Musk revealed Tesla’s plans for humanoid robots at its AI day in August last year. This year’s event was postponed until the robot prototype was operational, possibly starting production in 2019.

During the presentation, engineers from the firm stated that Tesla is modifying its autonomous car technology to offer Optimus characteristics like securely walking or working on a factory floor.

A different robot slowly onto the stage, punching its fists and briefly pushing its hips in time with the music as if it were dancing, but instead of using Tesla-made components like Optimus.

The robot is capable of much more than what we’ve just demonstrated, but we didn’t want it to trip over itself, Musk humorously remarked.

Musk claims that Tesla is developing the Optimus robots to be sold in big numbers for as little as $20,000 each.

According to Musk, this portends an abundant future, one without poverty and one in which you can obtain any goods or services you desire.

He claimed how civilization is known to us has undergone a fundamental alteration.

Tesla wants to make sure that the transition to a society where robots perform the labor and people reap the benefits is safe, according to Musk, who previously warned that artificial intelligence posed a threat to humanity.

In reference to the well-known film about a homicidal cyborg, he cautioned, “We always want to be sure we don’t go down the Terminator route,” and said that Tesla is implementing safety mechanisms like an unbreakable stop button.

He stated that in three to five years, the general people should be able to purchase the robots. He also stated that Tesla will begin employing Optimus for minor tasks like transporting parts on factory floors for testing.

Musk argued that since Tesla is a publicly traded corporation, its shareholders will hold the company accountable if they believe it isn’t acting socially responsibly.

It’s crucial that I cannot simply do as I like. It works well with Tesla’s design.

Musk stated in a tweet in 2018 that he had raised money to take Tesla private, but the Securities and Exchange Commission reprimanded him for not providing any supporting documentation or filing any paperwork with the agency.



Tesla used a picture of metallic robotic hands forming a heart shape to preview the release of the bot on social media. However, creating flexible, human-like hands that can handle a variety of objects is incredibly difficult, according to Heni Ben Amor, an Arizona State University robotics expert.

According to Musk, Optimus would first do tedious or hazardous tasks, such as transporting components around Tesla plants or tightening a bolt to a car with a tool. Optimus is a reference to the strong and kind leader of the Autobots in the Transformers media universe.

Robots find so many dexterous human abilities extremely difficult to replicate. And it won’t change whether the robot is an arm or a humanoid, according to Jonathan Hurst, chief technology officer of Agility Robotics, a company that makes humanoid robots, for Reuters.

According to Musk, robots may one day be deployed in households to prepare meals, mow the lawn, take care of the elderly, and even act as a human’s “buddy” or sex partner.

He is expected to provide updates at the event on Friday regarding Tesla’s much-delayed plans to introduce self-driving vehicles as well as its high-speed computer, Dojo, which was introduced last year and is claimed to be essential to the company’s development of self-driving technology.

According to Musk, Tesla should be fully self-driving by the end of this year, and by 2024, a robotaxi without a steering wheel or pedal would be mass produced.



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