Apple Satellite Feature Save the life in Alaska

Apple’s brand-new iPhone 14 smartphone lineup was introduced many months ago. On this occasion, the Cupertino-based tech giant also learned about several new features in the new iPhone series. Apple also had the Emergency SOS via Satellite feature with these features. Customers of the iPhone 14 may utilize this feature to contact emergency services through satellite connectivity when a cell or WiFi connection is unavailable or unreliable.

With the release of iOS 16.1, the firm launched support for this functionality in North America. Additionally, Apple is anticipated to extend support for this choice to other countries, including Germany, Ireland, France, and the UK. For two years, the company will provide free access to this option to iPhone 14 customers. However, Apple still needs to disclose the function’s cost or the anticipated date at which it would become a paid service.

According to a MacRumors report, an individual who became lost in a remote area of Alaska tried this new iPhone 14 capability. According to reports, using this feature to notify emergency services allowed the guy to preserve his life.

How did the iPhone user benefit from this option?

According to the report, the Alaska State Troopers were informed of a man’s stranding using the Emergency SOS by Satellite function. The iPhone 14 user used the snow system from Noorvik to Kotzebue.

The guy was left stuck without internet in a frigid, isolated area. He used his iPhone 14’s Emergency SOS using satellite tv for pc feature to call for assistance and inform the authorities.

Along with working with local search and rescue organizations, Apple’s Emergency Response Center also notified the Northwest Arctic Borough Search and Rescue Coordinator to send out volunteer searchers. These rescue teams had been sent to the GPS locations immediately after Apple had been notified that the emergency function had been used.

How went the rescue operation?

The report states that the individual was safely retrieved without any mishaps. According to Apple, satellite communication won’t function well beyond 62° latitude, including the far north of Canada and Alaska.

However, the location where the guy was rescued is very remote and is only beginning to get access to satellite TV for computers. The latitudes of Noorvik and Kotzebue are close to 69°.

Responses from the rescue crews to the new Apple feature

The new Emergency SOS via Satellite function from Apple is intended to solicit specific questions from users before alerting the rescue personnel. The “accuracy and completeness of information contained within the preliminary alert” also apparently astonished the troopers who assisted with the rescue effort.



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