8$ Per Month For Blue Tick on Twitter

Six months after announcing his ambitions to purchase the company, Tesla CEO Elon Musk successfully purchased the microblogging website Twitter in October in a $44 billion transaction. Since Musk joined the firm, Twitter has undergone a few changes to increase sales. Twitter has seen a lot of changes in the last several days, ranging from the sacking of the company’s top executives to necessary layoffs. One change that has drawn criticism from both users and experts is the decision to start charging subscription fees for Twitter’s verification checkmark.

8$ Per Month For Blue Tick on Twitter
8$ Per Month For Blue Tick on Twitter

Olivier Veran, a French minister and government spokesperson, reportedly said he wouldn’t be paying Twitter’s monthly fee for the blue tick in a document obtained by Reuters. Vera said that he is concerned about “Elon Musk, the new owner of the social media platform intentions. 

Blue Tick membership fees for Twitter

Twitter for Elon Musk previously announced the $7.9 charge for the blue tick, and the company just updated its iOS app with the new subscriptions. Before Musk’s takeover, a blue check mark next to a username implied that Twitter had verified the account belonged to the person or business claiming it.

Twitter will begin charging for the blue tick, and users who subscribe will get the checkmarks next to their usernames, “much like the stars, corporations, and politicians you already see,” according to the Apple App Store listing.

Why there may be a few days’ delays in the worldwide launch of the Twitter subscription service

Elon Musk has previously announced that Twitter’s membership service, Twitter Blue, would cost $8. The Tesla CEO allegedly told staff to comply with the deadline of November 7 for the introduction of paid verification on the social networking site, or %up and go. According to a current source, the debut won’t happen until after the midterm elections in the USA.

According to The Verge, which cited a report from The New York Times, a supervisor working on the project said in an internal document that the company “decided to delay the rollout of this launch to November 9, after the election.” On November 8, the United States will have its midterm elections. Before the midterm elections, Musk presumably wants to address human concerns. Verified consumers may even pretend to be news outlets and politicians, which will undoubtedly confuse them.

Musk cautions about parody accounts.

The development comes in response to the creator of SpaceX’s claim that any Twitter account engaging in impersonation without really defining “parody” might be entirely suspended. Musk said, “Before the suspension, we used to provide a warning; but because we’re doing much verification, there won’t be a warning anymore. Any call transaction will result in a temporary absence of the verified checkmark “.

According to a BBC report, multiple bills that modified Elon Musk’s call have been halted or relocated behind a warning signal. These debts are made up of handles belonging to Chris Kluwe, a former NFL player, and US entertainer Kathy Griffin.

India’s Twitter Blue subscription

It was announced over the weekend that Twitter Blue would arrive in India as early as this month. Musk was tagged by someone who wanted to know when the feature would be available in India. “Hopefully, much less than a month,” Musk retorted. Additionally, Twitter has updated its iOS software in the Apple App Store and now charges $8 for a blue one. A glance at the verification mark.



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